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Absolutely amazing

I cannot stop listening to this song, the graphic work done with it is very fitting and the style fits. Great job on this, there's not much else to say besides it is great.

Also, anybody wanting the lyrics, they are posted at the Twin Vulcan website at http://twinvulcan.posterous.com/

Not bad, pretty funny

The point of the flash and what was going to happen at the end was not apparent, I like that. The animation was a bit choppy but was colorful and got the point across. I'm not sure what else to put here, it was a simple flash but was good for what it was. Good job, man! 4/5,9/10.

Translated to Portugese (loosely):
O ponto do flash e o que estava indo acontecer na extremidade não era aparente, mim como isso. O animation era um bocado choppy mas era colorido e começava o ponto transversalmente. Eu não sou certo que outro a pôr aqui, era um flash simples mas era bom para o que era. Trabalho bom, homem! 4/5,9/10.

CondenadosProducoes responds:


Absolutely amazing.

This was amazing in every way. The music fit, the story was compelling, the animation was top notch, and it was a boondocks-esque style. Awesome cartoon, I love it and would love to see the story carried on through future cartoons, like a series.

Nice job, man.

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Didn't get the message until I reached the end. Great game.

I really enjoy this game. It has a classic arcade style feel to it (with some upgrades of course) and the gameplay is extremely addicting.

Not bad, pretty original. Didn't like having to click all the time.

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sounds pretty damn good to me

Very nice!

I've gotta say, I'm very impressed. I'm not even a big fan of classical, but this is a great piece of work. I liked how around the 00:50 mark it stopped and started again, but that time slower.

A very nice song, great job.


I agree 100% with Phobotech. This music of yours is just amazing. Please dont kill yourself, please. Life IS worth living, and everything bad in life eventually comes to an end. Please, if you havent yet, read your comments, and understand that killing yourself isnt worth it. You have many friends and fans here, please dont do it...

Mcewthom responds:

Thanks, I'm fine.

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Very nice.

Well, for one I love this picture. When you look at the image up close its very calming, and it's clear that a lot of attention was given to detailing the picture. The intertwining of the stars, the colors, the sharpness of the image...it is all very beautiful.

Thanks for creating a great work of art, it really deserves the 10.

Chronamut responds:

Thanks man - glad you appreciate all the hard work that wen into it :)

thanks for the review!


Its good.

Its great, its missing like 1 thing and thats more defined lines IMO. Besides that the whole rest of the pic is great and the background is very nice as well. Nice pic man.

4/5, 9/10.

MetaKnightPWNS4 responds:



This is great. Love the weird style and gradient background.

Izzy712 responds:

Yes, Patapon's art style is simplistic, but not too simplistic. Gotta get around to fixing the clouds...

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